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  • Are you tired of searching an apartment
  • Do you send everyday many many emails
  • Have you lost your hope to find a home in Munich

Don't worry! you are not alone. Unfortunately, this is very common in Munich. But there is hope! and the path to find an apartment is Minga.house Why you should use Minga.house to find an apartment

  • Because Minga.house search apartments all the time and not just one web site almost all
  • Because you don't need to spend hours every day to search the same home again and again
  • Because Minga.house filter all spam house advertisements

When you start to use Minga.house you will get emails with all matching housing for you.
You just need to send a request to all houses which minga.house finds for you.
You will see after using Minga.house you will get many house viewing appointments.

So let's get started by simply filling the form based on your requirements.
Then you will get a confirmation email. Just confirm by clicking the link sent to you.
Then all the houses match your search will be sent to you via email you give in the form

Many time people complain about the amount of email we sent :). This is because we do search all the internet.
Better fill all the housing criteria in the form so you will get only relevant advertisements.
If you want to change your search criteria simply refill the form with the same email and you will get a confirmation email to confirm your changes, That is it!

Minga.House does search, You just apply